Marketing Automation: It Takes an Army

It Takes An Army

“Be All That You Can Be,” the Army slogan from 1980-2001, aptly applies to how marketing automation software platforms claim they can intensify the potential of your demand generation campaigns. It is said that this is done by enabling you to more effectively manage the targeting, timing and content of your messaging in response to prospects’ actions and behaviors, allowing you to connect individually on a grand scale.

However, the truth is less rosy than that. Deploying and managing marketing automation is not easy. Some of the issues our clients face include:

  • Creating a more fluid process for handling inbound responders
  • Dirty and incomplete data
  • Low lead-to-sales conversion rates
  • Complexity of their MA tool and understanding its capabilities
  • Building effective segmentation plans and email nurturing programs
  • Needing to quickly set up and launch lead generation campaigns
  • Online campaigns that are less productive than their competitors
  • Translating prospect behavior into meaningful data for sales teams

Consequently, and in order for your marketing automation to be all it can be, you need an army (well…at least a squad) of trained professionals who understand the technical, demographic and behavioural aspects of automation combined with B2B sales expertise.

If you can’t staff to the appropriate level you may want to consider partnering with an expert agency, such as DMP, to fill in the gaps.

We will be your boots on the ground and your comrades in the trenches, helping you achieve better results for your marketing automation investment. We can:


  • Diagnose lead to sales funnel problems
  • Design and configure your MA tool to better meet your sales objectives
  • Align marketing and sales needs through a scoring system customized to your sales cycle
  • Clean and append data
  • Develop Marketing Automation campaign strategies including content development
  • Facilitate Marketing Automation campaign quick set up and launch
  • Build on-demand lead generation top of funnel campaigns
  • Identify key account activity on your website
  • Integrate with the rest of the touch points in the lead qualification process
  • Manage and qualify your inbound leads
  • Run nurture campaigns to develop suspects into sales-ready leads
  • Track and report the pipeline and ROI

DMP is committed to our clients’ success. We recognize the impact marketing automation has on the top of the sales funnel and our MA Consultancy was developed solely to assist you in utilizing your marketing automation investment to its full potential.

Let us be your partner on the front lines. Contact us today.