Demand Creation

DMP’s Tele-centric Approach

Demand Creation

The Diagnostic Improvement Process

DMP understands that today’s economic environment is squeezing in-house resources to the max and forcing B2B marketers to do more with less.

Whether you are selling in the U.S. or internationally, DMP’s demand creation approach traverses the above four steps to help determine exactly where to improve the demand gen process. We’ve refined this process over the past 24 years and have added hundreds of millions in revenues to our clients’ pipelines. DMP is positioned to bring together all the necessary sales and marketing technology and human talent to get your job done. We stick to a plan and we execute on your strategies.

If you are responsible for demand creation/lead generation and its ensuing activities, you may be challenged with managing all or some of the moving parts:


  • Lists/Data Appends
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inbound Toll-free numbers
  • Inbound Digital and Website Inquiries
  • Account Mapping
  • Audience Acquisition


  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales Ready BANT Qualified Leads
  • Channel Partner Programs
  • Webinars


  • Telesales
  • Customer Service

Campaign and Lead Management:

  • Metrics Reporting & Analytics
  • International Campaigns & Localizations
  • PR, Content Production, Media Relations
  • Compliance Issues
  • Chat Support
  • Campaign Fluctuations, Holiday Slow-downs, Deadlines
  • Penetrating Government

DMP provides the missing components in the demand center. Where needed, we harness the power of the phone call/human touch with a series of data management and marketing technology tools to provide you with powerful business benefits: improved efficiency and focus of your core business, stronger relationships with customers and partners. Our contact center is a fully-loaded extension of your team which closes the hidden gaps that plague most companies.

Travel the Steps and Soar

There’s no way around it - while creating new business is necessary for every organization, it also is very challenging. DMP can help you with the moving parts, manage the challenges and develop profitable, customer acquisition strategies. We invite you to put us to the test. Give us a call at (800) 909-2626, ext. 4 or contact us here.

What is a "Qualified Sales Lead" anyway? Ask your salespeople!

The failure and inefficiency of many demand creation programs occurs because of discord between the marketing department, which produces the leads, and the sales department, which is responsible for turning them into sales. The best solution: work with your salespeople to develop a specification for a "sales-ready" lead. This often translates to a customized BANT-quality lead:

Budget: Determine if project is funded

Authority: Is contact a decision-maker or influencer

Need: Can your solution solve the problem

Timeframe to Purchase: Does the timeframe match your requirements

Plus, other important factors such as “fit” (i.e. size requirements), capturing and cleaning data and next-step questions.


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